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20l5 latest news:

 May 23, Warsaw University.  Premiere screening of "The View from a Cathedral" a documentary about Marek J. Siemek.
April 22 The Boertman Lecture at Emporia State University, Kansas.  Pawel talks on "Thinking on Screen: Practice of a Documentary Filmmaker"
April 15th. Rio de Janeiro, Midrash Center:
Screeing of "Lawnswood Gardens" and a debate with prof. Bila Sorj 
"Escaping Russia" (30 min.) a documentary is completed.  It tells a story of a 7 year old Polish boy deported in 1941 by Russians to Siberia.
A documentary about Zygmunt Bauman, "the world's most significant sociologist", also explores the links between his groundbreaking "Modernity and the Holocaust" and "Winter in the Morning", a Warsaw Ghetto memoir by Janina Bauman. 
"A comprehensive and insightful portrait of an outstanding intellectual
who grants the camera an unusually close access".

  Gazeta Wyborcza
"A unique documentary of a man with his personal details
and narratives showned in a non cliche, oryginal way."
Zielony Dziennik Warszawa

A search for "the Dionysian light" that mixes documentary battles over the meaning of life with one fictitious philosopher's descent into madness triggered by his study of Friedrich Nietzsche.
"This film will leave you contemplating its messages for days afterward."
Dan Pal, WDCB, College of DuPage Public Radio
A filmmaker on a spiritual path struggles to understand his philosopher father, who denies the existence of God.
International Documentary Association
            2004 InFACT official selection

For a moment, the East Coast jam-rock band Huffamoose was The Next Big Thing signed to Interscope Records. 
'One of "the greatest rock movies ever"'
Cameron Crowe in 2004 Premiere Magazine

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